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4 août 2006 5 04 /08 /août /2006 21:30
Give thanks to God, Father and Mother, for all His deeeds


Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea ARCWP


The first Eucharist we celebrated with the same group a year ago in Colombia was in Halto Viejo, now Bello, the birthplace of Don Marco Fidel Suarez, president and illustrious writer.


For this anniversary we got together on December 29, 2011 to give thanks for all the God’s deeds that happened this year. Finally Toledo and Lina managed to have a lodging for them and their little girls; for this godsend they gathered      their family and friends to thank God, Father and Mother.


The parents of this couple arrived from the countryside as displaced persons in the region of Uraba. At the beginning, like the others, they were desperate however they were taken care by relatives and friends and gradually they became independent to reach for what they own today: a garage for a car maintenance mechanics, their lodging, health and education for their girls!


When they received the keys of this gift from Heaven, the little girls did not know how to thank God, Father and Mother for it. Spontaneously, before stepping into the house, they kneeled down and kissed the floor in front of every body, this place where they were welcome, and their new shelter!


This community, House/Church, has been backed at present by Ester who is like a family member for them.


Taking advantage of the readings of the liturgy we asked to Toledo’s mother, and his auntie and also to old-aged persons, to help to distribute the Eucharist remembering the wisdom and prophecies in their old age of Simeon and Ann in the Temple. Why were they standing outside the Temple? Were they forced to be invisible? Were they not anymore needed?







Some aspects about the Eucharist celebration.



It is them who feel the happiest to be in the house found by their parents.




























We start the celebration








We listen to the contributions of the members of the community







With emotion and some nervousness we are preparing the altar.





We pray together the Lord’s Prayer.


During the distribution of the Holy Communion by Ms’ Elena, a little hand shows up to receive communion!


The Assembly has asked for the laying on of hands to Toledo and Lina who called us to celebrate this Eucharist.


Prayer and finale blessing.




Music and dance for all.


This makes 8 days that they are happy in their new home;









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